Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Name a Book Character who shows a Commitment to Care.

There's a new "black board" in the Round Room in the Primary School Library for students and teachers to add comments about particular topics. For now, the topic is Connecting the UWCSEA Profile with Book Characters. Our first focus is: Name a book character who shows a Commitment to Care.

I chose Commitment to Care because November 13 was World Kindness Day (better late than never!) And really, every day should be Kindness Day. There's a display of books in the library as well. 

Feel free to start the conversation with your classes when you are in the library. Ask the library staff for the chalk. 

Click here for the blog post about lists of books to go with the UWCSEA Profile as well as many other lists on Destiny, our library catalog. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lists of stories to teach....

I've created lists of stories you might want to use to promote the UWC Profile with your classes on Destiny, our library catalog.  Please help me add to these lists. Unfortunately, you cannot add to the lists  directly on the library catalog. Please email any titles you have used and I will add them.

Here's how to find the lists:

1. Go to Primary Library catalog-

2. Click on Visual Search.

3. Here you will find many, many, many icons that are linked to lists of all sorts.

4. Scroll down to: 

There's also an icon for books that deal with social and emotional concerns.