Monday, 26 May 2014

School's out for summer (almost!)

It's almost that time again....

Below is a great deal of information about the end of the school year in the library. Here's a link to a calendar to help you remember important dates.

  • June 2-6- The last week for student borrowing.
  • June 9- All student and parent books are due. (Please add this date to any parent info that you are sending out.)
  • June 9- Class library inventories should be completed.
  • June 9- Book recommendations (class library, book set, big book) should be sent to Debbie by this date.
  • June 9-20: The Library and Learning Lab will be closed (no classes or supervision during break times or after school.) Returns only, please.
  • June 13- Majority of books checked out to teachers & class libraries due + National Library books. Keep what you absolutely need.  

Overdue Notices
To reduce the amount of paper we use, notices will be emailed to teachers and students in grades 3-5. Please remind students to check their email and perhaps forward the lists to parents for help in locating books.
When you receive your overdue notices, please don't worry too much if there are books on the list that you haven't see in a while. We have tried to tidy up your lists so that resources from a long time ago have been marked as lost. Find what you can and let us know what is missing. Keep your iPad.

Please ask TAs and students to sort through your books before returning them to weed out your class library books, guided readers, book sets, your personal books, etc.

Don't panic! We will be reasonable and flexible.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

There will be treats for:
  • The first infant & junior class to return all student books.
  • The first infant & junior class to return all class library books (without a class library sticker).
  • The first teacher to clear his/her account.

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