Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Be a Reading Fan!

The Primary School Book Week will be February 24 - 28. 

Below is info about the week. Feel free to do more in your class or grade.

Our theme for the week is:
Be a Reading Fan!

Print the posters here and here.

Daily Events:

Art Attack Monday- Kick off the week with an art activity to accompany a book. This can be an activity you do in class, for home learning, as a class or individually. Maybe use a Red Dot book as inspiration or a class novel….Be creative! Click here and here for ideas. (Display space for your artwork will be available in or just outside the library later in the week.)

Poem in your Pocket Tuesday- everyone comes to school prepared to share a poem -- either in their pocket to be read or in their head to be recited. Don't forget to ask students to share their poems! You might want to promote this the week before or for home learning. Have quick poetry breaks during the day. Perhaps have a student ring a bell at random times and students quickly read their poems to a partner.

Buddy Reading Wednesday- during Morning Meeting time. Contact your buddy class prior to the event. Book fair in the Plaza.

Thinking Thursday- focus on nonfiction. Here’s a link to magazines and news sites. Or maybe take this time to explore our databases. Links are on on the library homepage. Click here for login info. You could make the reading fan/sports fan connection and research a favorite sport or athlete or the Olympics. Book fair in the Plaza.

Book Character Friday- Come to school dressed as a favorite book character. Click here and  here and here for costume ideas. Infant/Junior assembly at 8:30 in the Main Hall. Book Fair in the Plaza.

Click here for a timetable of special events during the week.

Week Long Events:

Book Nooks- Be on the look out for special reading areas with bean bags and pillows around campus for reading books before school and throughout Morning Break and Lunch Break. Thanks in advance to Grade 3 for organizing this!

Bookmark Competition- Each class will be given blank bookmarks to decorate to celebrate our theme, Be a Reading Fan!  This can be done in class or for home learning or maybe on Art Attack Monday. There will be a winner in each grade. Copies of the winning bookmarks will be available in the library a couple of weeks later. For more info, click here.

Guest Readers- Sign up with your available times on the google doc. A guest reader will contact you.

Mother Language Storytelling in the Library at lunch time for grades 2-5.  

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