Monday, 19 November 2012

Writing Competition- A Martian Christmas

 Attention UWCSEA writers! Australian author, Sarah Brennan, is sponsoring a writing competition about Christmas on Mars.

Hmm…Christmas on Mars…I wonder what that would be like? Would there be Christmas trees…or Christmas rocks? Christmas crackers … or Christmas craters? Would there be a jolly old man in a red suit called Santa…or a grumpy little green man with a name more like Splorrg or Grrrmph! What would Martians eat at Christmas time? What would they give for presents? Would they sing Christmas carols? It’s entirely up to you and your amazing imagination!

There will be two age groups: grades 1-3 and grade 4-6. 
Entries due by midnight January 18, 2013. 
For more information go to Sarah's blog.  

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