Monday, 16 January 2012

Around the World in 5 Minutes

I found this great video on DogoNews (one of my favorite news sites for kids) Speeding Around the World in under 5 Minutes This time lapse video is made of 6,237 photos taken by Kien Lam during his year-long trip around the world. It includes the 17 countries he visited using 19 planes, 58 buses, and 18 boats. It is such a cool idea that I thought our very well-traveled staff and students would enjoy it.

DogoNews is an online newspaper for children. DOGO (pronounced Doe-Go not Do-Go) means young or small in Swahili. The site provides a safe, interactive environment for children to learn about current events through short, simple articles that include photos and videos. There are resources for teachers. You can sign up for a weekly newsletter and create a customized, online newspaper. Students can create an avatar, make comments, and bookmark articles.

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