Monday, 28 May 2012

June in the Library

The library will be closed (no classes and no students during break times) for the last 2 weeks of school, June  4- 15. No, this doesn't mean that the library staff are going on holiday early!

We really want to get a head start on organizing class libraries for next school year before the new book orders arrive. To do this, we need as many books returned to the library as soon as possible.

We realize that you will still need books to continue running an academic program. However, (I won't name names but... :) some of you still have books that were checked out way back in September. We would like the majority of books checked out to you, your class library, GCCs, etc returned by Friday June 1. Don't panic! We will be flexible and reasonable.

However, here are some incentives:

Be the first teacher (who has books checked out) to return all books checked out in his/her name and receive a bottle of wine.  
Congratulations Julie Day!
The first class with all student books returned will receive chocolates.
Congratulations Helen Killen and K1HKi!
The first class with all class library books returned will receive ice cream. 
Congratulations Sharon Martin and K1ShM!
  • Books with a sticker like this, do not need to be returned:

(except for K2- sorry but we need all your CL books back.)
  • Book sets with a sticker like below, should be returned to your grade's book cupboard. 
  • Any book sets in your book cupboard without this sticker, need to be returned to the library. 

Student Info-
  • All books due June 1. 
  • Overdue notices will be sent via email to students in grades 3-5. Please remind students to check their email and forward the reminder to their parents to help locate all books as soon as possible.
**I'm sure the last thing you need is such a long blog post to read. So, be the first person to email me that you've read it to then end and you'll get a bottle of wine! Congrats to Anne Marie Chow!

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